Land of the Rising Dragon



Bali’s largely undiscovered neighbour is also its quieter and unspoiled version. Lombok remains a true paradise with white-sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, crater lakes, hiking trails, amazing surf and fewer tourists.

The island is closer to what people mistakenly imagine Bali to be now. The traditional way of life has changed little over the years and despite the presence of five-star hotels and resorts almost every small and medium business is run by local families. Some say development is soon to arrive to the island but for the moment Lombok remains mostly untouched.

One of the most amazing spots in the island is Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano of Indonesia. This active volcano dominates the landscape of the island; it has a 50 km2 caldera where the crater lake Segara Anak sits. The surrounding areas are heavily forested and the sights of the crater lake are stunning; we highly recommend visitors to take the challenge and trek to the crater rim.