Land of the Rising Dragon



Java is considered the heartland of Indonesia. The most populated island in the world is also home to active volcanoes, extensive rice fields, small villages, rainforests, savannah and of course virgin beaches. The island was formed mostly as the result of volcanic eruptions. There are hundreds of volcanoes in Java, of which only 35 are active.

For some, Java’s metropolises can be somehow overwhelming and for others fascinating. Yogyakarta is one of the best preserved cities in the island and a major hub for classical Javanese arts. Jakarta is a huge bustling capital city and the country’s economic, cultural and political centre; it is the most populous city not only in Indonesia but in Southeast Asia.

The island’s natural environment is tropical rainforest, it originally enjoyed a rich biodiversity with many endemic species of flora and fauna flourishing. However the growing human population is putting pressure on Java’s wildlife as natural habitats turn into rice paddies and terraces. Fortunately there are a few organisations supporting forest protection and restoration in the island implementing promising initiatives.