Land of the Rising Dragon

Champasak Province


Champasak Province has a long history and fine heritage as a former centre of power in the region and a former kingdom ruling part of the remains of Lane Xang. About 30 years ago Champasak Town, the provincial capital was a seat of royalty; something difficult to imagine as nowadays it is a sleepy town, almost too relaxed even for Laos standards. With its colonial mansions, wooden houses, Chinese-style shopfronts and surprisingly good spas a visit to town is a relaxing must-do.

The Champasak Cultural Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of a series of Khmer ruins. Wat Phu, a majestic Khmer temple which construction was integrated into the surrounding landscapes, was built by the same person as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, King Suryavarman II.

Pakse is the most populous city in Champasak Province. As other Lao riverside towns along the Mekong River the city is very laid-back. Sipping Beerlao on the riverfront remains one of the most popular activities. The town is the gateway to southern Laos and the province itself has a lot to offer to travellers looking for a relaxing getaway. Si Pha Don (4000 islands) and the Bolaven Plateau are two other recommended places located within the province.


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