Land of the Rising Dragon


Ubud Tour

Bali has flourished as a travel destination since the 1980’s. Many things have changed since then, however its diverse range of landscapes, sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, mountains, volcanic hillsides and a very unique and spiritual culture continue to captivate its visitors.

A Bali holiday offers an impressive number of activities and attractions. Its cultural and historical background are fascinating as well as its archaeological significance. It is also known for its world-class surfing and diving.

Despite its troubled and complex history of colonisations and socio-political conflicts Bali remains a real paradise on earth where the people are genuinely friendly and warm. Over 83% of the population are known to follow Balinese Hinduism, a combination of local beliefs, Hinduism and Buddhism.

One of the main towns, Ubud, is known as a hub for traditional crafts and dance. It is regarded as the cultural centre of Bali and its popularity continues to grow. The place is also attracting an increasing number of expats that seem to lose the perception of time once they arrive. Nowadays there are approximately 30,000 expatriates living in Bali.

Another recommended highlight is the charming area of Lovina, an 8km coastal strip on the north-western side of Bali featuring many small villages and a very relaxed atmosphere. Lovina Beach is much quieter than the tourists’ hotspots of the island and it is possible to take early-morning boat trips to see dolphins as a side activity.