Land of the Rising Dragon

Best time to visit Indonesia

The weather in Indonesia is almost completely tropical. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year (26-27 C) with the biggest variable being rainfall. There is a dry season running from June to September and a rainy season that lasts from December to March. The west and northern part of the country experience the most rainfall.

Some parts of Indonesia are almost unaffected by the season change (Kalimantan and Bali). However, the climate in western regions can drastically change during seasons. In Lombok, the Gilis & Flores typhoons can cause rainstorms, heavy winds and floods during the tropical storm season.


During January rainfalls becomes more frequent in the islands of Java and Bali, bringing usually short but heavy showers to Jakarta and Bandung as well as to South Sumatra. In North Sumatra the rains start to dissipate and they become less frequent. The average temperatures in Sumatra during this time of the year hover the 29°C.

In Kalimantan the temperatures hover the low 30’s°C. and heavy rainfall is expected. In areas with higher elevations (North) temperatures average the 25°C.

In Tenggara, Lombok and Flores the rain start to ease off. However at this time of year you can still expect showers during some afternoons. In West Papua the rain continues with average temperatures of 30°C.


Conditions continue to improve in Northern Sumatra and Kalimantan although showers are not unusual at this time of the year. Humidity levels remain considerably high and temperatures average the 30°C.

Heading South the rainy season continues in Java, Bali, Lombok and West Papua with average temperatures of 31°C. Heavy rains are expected however they usually last one or two hours during the evening. Despite the frequent showers plenty of sunny days are expected during February.


Daily showers are expected in the northern regions of Sumatra and Kalimatan, usually during the afternoon. Although frequent, the rainfalls are lighter and shorter than in previous months. Temperatures average the 32°C. and in areas with higher elevations it can drop down to 22°C.

Rain slowly eases off in Java, Bali and Lombok. Temperatures and humidity levels remain high (ave. 31°C.). Same as in the Northern regions, showers will usually come by during the afternoon for a couple of hours.


Conditions in the Northern parts of Sumatra remain mostly wet with daily showers usually lasting one or two hours during the evening. Heading south conditions should be better with the rains becoming less frequent although humidity will still be high.

In Kalimantan and Sulawesi occasional rains are still expected but they are likely to experience better conditions than their western and southern counterparts. Expect temperatures hovering the 32°C during the day and around 23°C in the highlands.

In Bali, Tenggara, Lombok and West Papua the weather conditions look better although still humid. Temperatures of 30°C are likely to increase as we move to May and rainfalls become less frequent and lighter.


Great weather conditions are expected in Java, Bali and Lombok as the rains have been replaced by blue skies and sunny days. Expect temperatures to hover the 30°C and relatively high humidity. Also in West Papua you can expect mostly dry sunny days with occasional showers.

In South Sumatra conditions are also improving with little rain and temperatures averaging the 30°C with relatively high humidity. Moving North rainfalls remain common, usually lasting one or two hours during the afternoon.

In Kalimatan light rains are expected. Not too much to worry about but be prepare to occasional showers and temperatures averaging 32 °C. Sulawesi remains mostly dry with chances of light rain.


Weather conditions continue to improve in Kalimantan and North Sumatra with little chances of rain, relatively high humidity and temperatures averaging 31°C. In Sulawesi sporadic showers are expected in the North while conditions in the south are drier.

In Lombok, Flores and Bali conditions are excellent for beach enthusiasts. Blue skies, sunny days and average temperatures of 30°C which are likely to drop during the evening.


Little chances of rain in Java and Sumatra with average temperatures of 30°C. July is one of the most popular moths to travel to the Land of Hope so higher visitor numbers are expected. Conditions in Sulawesi remain rainy in the north and dry in the south

West Papua continues to see high humidity and occasional showers while Kalimantan remains mostly dry with temperatures hovering the 30°C


Sulawesi and Kalimantan remain mostly dry with little chances of rain. Humidity levels are relatively high with temperatures of around 30°C. Tourist numbers are likely to Increase during August and it is recommended to book in advance.

Great weather conditions in Java, Sumatra, Lombok and Bali. Plenty of sun is guaranteed during this month, blue skies and temperatures hovering the 30°C. Excellent conditions for beach enthusiasts with little or no rain expected.


Expect good weather conditions to travel across Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. Little or no rain expected during the first half of the month. Temperatures average the 30°C and visitor numbers are likely to be high as September marks the peak of the high season for most of Indonesia.

In Bali, the Gilis, Lombok and Flores weather remains mostly dry. Rainfalls are unlikely during the first part of the months however the wet season is just around the corner and temperatures start to increase and humidity starts to build up.


While the north part of Sumatra is entering in its wet season conditions at the south of the island remain mostly dry with occasional showers. In Sulawesi and Kalimantan little rain is expected with relatively high humidity.

In Java, Lombok, Bali and Flores the weather remains great for trips to the beach. Dry days, blue skies and little chances of rain during the first part of the month.  West Papua remains mostly dry, however showers become more likely as we move towards the end of the month. Expect average temperatures of 30°C – 32°C across the country.


Rain chances continue to increase across the Indonesian Islands with frequent showers expected in North Sumatra, West Papua, Lombok, Flores and Kalimantan. Temperatures are likely to increase to an average of 32°C.

In Bali some sunny days are being replace for occasional heavy rains are we move towards the end of the year. Temperatures continue to hover the 30°C and humidity remains relatively high.


In Bali the wet season has arrived and frequent showers that usually last a couple of hours are expected although it is definitely possible to enjoy a few sunny days.

Sumatra, Java, Kalimatan and the southern islands are now in the middle of the rain season. Expect heavy showers and temperatures hovering the 31°C. The same conditions are present in West Papua where the frequent showers don’t seem to affect much the high humidity levels