Land of the Rising Dragon

About Cambodia

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Despite having a turbulent history Cambodians are well known for their optimism, infectious smiles, courage and indissoluble spirit. Although there is plenty to do and see in Cambodia, the real treasure is its people.

The Khmer Empire was the most powerful empire in Southeast Asia. Its capital city Angkor flourished from approximately 9th to 15th centuries. Nowadays the Angkor Wat complex – close to Siem Reap town – is the largest religious monument in the world, one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia and a World Heritage Site. The capital city Phnom Penh has an exotic vibe, a defiant and vibrant art scene, stunning traditional and French colonial architecture and a well deserved reputation of a culinary destination for the finest tastes and a unique street food scene you won’t find anywhere else.

Cambodia’s coastline and islands are now becoming known to the world’s beach enthusiasts. White sands, blue skies, perfectly tempered waters and a unique lifestyle make Cambodian beaches a great choice for travellers looking for an amazing beach break. Nightlife won’t disappoint here nor in any of the main cities around the country; whether you are looking for a quiet drink, a world class cocktail or the funkiest bars and clubs to hang out Cambodia has something for you.

Cambodia is home to a very diverse array of wildlife; elephants, panthers, bears, tigers, gibbons, deer and wild oxen are only a few of the species living within Cambodian borders. The Tonle Sap Lake being the largest in Southeast Asia is a biodiversity hotspot recognised as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Investment and development are leading to rapid economic growth in the country, attracting record sums of foreign direct investment and an increasing community of expatriates choosing to call Cambodia home.

Capital: Phnom Penh

Currency: Khmer Riel (KHR)

Official Language: Khmer

Religion: Theravada Buddhism (official)

Population: ‎15,205,539 (2013 est.)