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Welcome to our Asia For Expats travel community where we want expats to come together to share their news, stories and pictures about life as an expat in Asia. We want to share news, pictures, jokes, real life stories, basically anything at all that you think that other expats will find amusing. Moving forward we will be listing various travel offers, money off and discounts as well as creating a specialist expat directory so that you can show your support to the expat run business that you love and trust.

We what to make being an expat as fun as possible and join us all together under one incredible community.

What is this all about?

We plan to spread our wings all over Asia with the help of our ambassadors to bring you the most interesting, funny and strange news stories from all around Asia. We then hope that our stories will then be shared all over the web throughout Asia and find themselves in front of expats like you. We would then love you to share our stories and pictures and contribute yourselves by sending us in your funny news bites, ridiculous pictures and reports.

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In this section we want you to start sending us the things that you and your friends find amusing, as well as all the things that makes your expat life great. We will in due course send out prizes to the top photos and the funniest most unbelievable expat stories. Send in your photos and stories to [email protected]

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